Tempered Glass Protector for Samsung Galaxy S7

The question: just what should you look for when it comes to buying these essential screen protectors?

The Effect

First of all, what is tempered glass?  Tempered glass is created by heating different types of glass to extreme temperatures before rapidly cooling it, where after it is then combined with Silicone to form a strong new amalgam.

The result?

Tempered glass screen protectors are up to 5 times stronger than normal glass and over 5 times thicker than a standard plastic screen protector.  It’s not surprising to learn then that with these traits, tempered glass offers a number of advantages over its competitors.  For instance, tempered glass screen protectors are both more heat resistant and scratch resistant than their standard plastic competition.  They also give that much sought after sensation of actually touching your phone’s screen as opposed to dragging your thumb across a plastic sheet.

The Leading Brands

Energizer and Muvit have a wide range of tempered glass screen protectors for a number of different brands and devices. Both brands are of a similar standard, offering bubble-free, impact resistant, with the only difference being the level of hardness between the two. With Energizer coming in at up to 5 times stronger and Muvit up to 3 times stronger than regular PET film.

The Verdict

If you value the screen of your smartphone (and your pocket), then a tempered glass protector really is a no brainer.  Although these specialised screen protectors are slightly more expensive, the relative price of this expense really doesn’t compare to the potential cost of repairing a cracked screen.