The Muvit Q60 Wrist Band Activity Tracker is a Bluetooth LE (low energy) smart wristband that is able to track and record your daily steps. Comfortable to wear the Q60 works every minute ­– and every hour – of every day, logging your every move. The durable band will monitor your workout routines, the amount of calories burned, and your sleep quality.  Importantly, the Muvit Wrist Band is waterproof and has changeable wristbands.

The fitness fanatic might prefer to opt for the Muvit Heart Rate Monitor. Used with the i-gotU Sports App your phone is turned into a mobile training device, just the thing for runners, cyclists and other sports enthusiasts. The monitor will track and analyse your sporting activities, summarise previous workouts, provide real time sport data in the form of values or charts, and assist you in setting real time goals.

Bringing the outdoors, indoors, the device also offers a built-in virtual running app, which uses Google street view to turn your treadmill or indoor workouts into an outdoor adventure. And if you are the type of person that prefers to work out with a bit of a vibe then the Muvit Heart Rate Monitor will allow you to listen to music during your workout, a feature that is guaranteed to keep you pumped up.

A step-away from the Muvit Heart Rate Monitor is the Muvit Jump Foot Pod. Small and compact the foot pod attaches effortlessly to shoelaces, clips onto clothes, or fits into the mid-sole of compatible shoes. Connected to the mobile i-gotU Sports App, the Jump Foot Pod will track and analyse your sport activity, summarise your previous workout, and assist in goal setting with real time Sport Data in the form of values and charts and a built-in virtual Running Application.

What sets the Jump Foot Pod apart from other devices is its ability to analyse everyday movements, such as airborne time, distance, step count, and the height and intensity of jumps.