These connectors have the ability to connect to both hosts and devices, allowing customers to do away with previous Type-A and Type-B connectors and cables.

With both sides of the USB type-C cable tip being the same, there is no worry of plugging it in upside-down, allowing for reversible plug positioning.

USB-C is not a new USB standard but rather new in a physical sense.

Unlike microUSB and miniUSB, the USB-C was created to be replacement for both ends of the cable.

The new USB-C supports USB 3.1 meaning you can sync and charge your devices at a greater speed, allowing for faster transfer speeds between devices.

Apple has adopted the USB type-C connector for their new MacBook and for once it isn’t an “Apple Only” gadget.

LG has already adopted the USB type-C connector as its connector of choice with the new LG G5 and we can expect to see these connectors appearing on many devices in the near future.

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