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XPEL Self-Healing Protective Film Screen Protector for Smartphones


Let’s be honest, no-one likes a cracked screen, and now you don’t have to pretend you’re okay with it either!  Protect your device from accidental drops and scratches with this Self-Healing film from XPEL. Made from the same polyurethane protective film that is used to protect cars and aircrafts, this screen protector adds minimal bulk to your device and is specifically designed for curved screens therefore allowing a FULL screen coverage!

This full front and back self-healing protective film does not cause a loss in your multi-touch display response, allowing you to enjoy your device as you did before you applied the screen protector.

Sounds great – doesn’t it? Surely it can’t get better? Right? Wrong! Most screen protectors are notoriously difficult to apply – constantly trying to apply them without bubbles seems impossible! Well, there is no need to cause a fuss when applying this screen protector as it is super easy to apply and remove. Simply remove the backing sheet of the protector and spray both your device and sticky side of the protector with the gel provided. Plus – they have a great step-by-step video to help you out, just in case ;)

In the box:

1 x Front and 1 x Back Protector

1 x Gel fluid

1 x Squeegee to get the bubbles out

1 x Cleaning cloth

View the step- by-step process here: