Everything we touch ends up on our phones. Now we're not judging but we're all occasionally guilty of toilet texting, or touching the recipe on the tablet after cutting fish or worse yet shaking hands with the "flu guy". All of that ends up on our tech! So isn't it time you cleaned it? 



Whoosh is a powerful screen cleaner specifically designed to clean all your smartphone & consumer electronic screens and make them shine like new! It’s non-toxic & odourless formula makes it safe for you, your screen and your family. Plus, it's alcohol & ammonia free.


The proprietary formula leaves a nano-thin, invisible coating that provides resistance to dust, dirt, oils & fingerprints. With more or less 100 sprays per bottle this screen shine spray keeps your screen shinning like new.




Extremely portable enabling you to take it with you wherever you go, to ensure you keep your smartphone/ tablet clean at all times. The compact design of the bottle allows you to comfortably fit the spray in your pocket or purse.


For more information visit https://www.cellularmall.co.za/whoosh-pocket-screen-spray.html