Have you ever seen a drone walk along the floor – and then suddenly rise to the air? This is the Pico Cage drone, perfectly designed for both rolling around the ground and soaring into the sky.

The incredible cage design means that your drone can drive across the floor and fly in the air – so no matter where you go, the Pico Cage is ready for action! With the press of a single button the drone will switch between ground or air modes, allowing you to easily fly over obstacles. The clever design of this drone also allows it to climb up walls or even drive along ceilings.

There are three different speeds, and a six axis gyroscope allows you to perform 360° stunts and flips to amaze your friends and family.



The cage protects your drone and other objects as it flies daringly through the air so even beginners can have a go. Bounce off walls or other objects without damage!

No matter where it soars you’ll always be able to see the Pico Cage thanks to the LED lights that flash as you fly!

The cage allows you to bounce off walls or other objects without damage!


For more information visit http://www.cellularmall.co.za/catalog/product/view/id/2661/s/pico-cage-drone/