PopSockets - Little life changers! And that is exactly what they are! The first practical, trendy, life-changing accessory for your device. Trust me! You will not understand one until you try one!



PopSockets not only allow you to take the perfect selfie but offer a secure grip for texting or propping your phone up in order to catch the latest video! They also make holding your tablet more comfortable and secure.



What is a PopSocket you may ask? Well, it is a round, plastic expandable disc that can be stuck to your device and popped into a small grip. They are all the rage and we can see why! They come in so many different designs that it’s difficult to choose a favourite!



PopSockets are so unique and versatile that you can use them for a variety of situations, providing an elegant solution to a number of problems! These little gadgets are both fashionable and practical, making even the most boring phone, well, POP!



  • Use it as a media stand – pop them for an easy to use stand
  • Video calls – mount your phone to your laptop while making a video call
  • Use it as a media grip – take the perfect selfie
  • Earphone management system – wrap your earphones around your PopSocket to keep them tangle-free
  • Or just simply play with it – these little stress busters are SO addictive – popping and unpopping all day long! Plus your kids will love them!
  • And the best part… the sticky gel is removable and reusable. Allowing you to reuse the PopSocket again and again and again!


These little gadgets will make the perfect gifts for your friends and family – taking their phone from average to extraordinary! Get yours today from www.cellularmall.co.za


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